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Investing in the new space economy

The Charles F. Bolden Group is excited to partner with D-Orbit and Breeze Holdings to drive the growth of the new space economy.

“At The Charles F. Bolden Group, we are committed to cultivating and transforming leadership for the new space economy, and D-Orbit is the prototype leader for the future. Their emerging technologies and solutions align with our vision for the global advancement of science and security. With its proven space transportation offering, in orbit services, and differentiated in-house technologies, D-Orbit can play a key role in facilitating satellite deployment today and capturing opportunities in the future as demand increases for in-orbit services. We look forward to working closely with Luca and the D-Orbit team to take this business to astronomical levels of growth.”

Ché Bolden
CEO – Charles F. Bolden Group

D-Orbit is a first mover in providing in-space satellite transportation for commercial- and government-entity customers and demonstrating satellite-as-a-service capabilities in space.
D-Orbit’s unique ION Satellite Carrier, Aurora mission control software and Nebula cloud platform enable the delivery of complete end-to-end services, guarantee satellite deployment in requested orbits and reduce cutomers time from launch to revenue generation.
D-Orbit has completed five missions, with more than 63 payloads successfully delivered and one mission planned in the second half of 2021.
The space economy has enormous potential with the market expected to grow to $1.4 trillion by 2030 and from 3,300 satellites today to more than 65,000 satellites over the next ten years.
D-Orbit intends to use the proceeds from the transaction to accelerate investments in its ION Satellite Carrier and Aurora mission control software suite, build out its bench of talent to support the development of new technologies and drive expansion into new space segments.
D-Orbit and Breeze Holdings share our commitment to cultivating and transforming the new space economy and our mantra of helping make the impossible, possible.


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