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Nkosi Johnson

Space/ Aerospace

Humans are natural explorers, always looking to the sky and stars and imagining the impossible. We are the leaders for the new space/aerospace economy and will help you make the impossible, possible.

National Security

The United States must continue to be a world leader. Our Members have performed at all levels, across decades, helping to guide the nation through uncertainty and change. We will ensure you are prepared to face the challenges of an evolving world.

Health Initiatives

Access to good health care is a basic human right. Disparities across race and gender lines endanger those rights. We are committed to identifying and advancing inclusive policies to ensure adequate health care for all.

STEM+AD Education

The connective underpinnings of society are founded in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The Arts and Design give substance to the science. Let us guide you as you promote STEM+AD education to the next generations of leaders.

Founder and CEO Emeritus - CFBG

Major General (Ret), United States Marine Corps; US Astronaut (Ret); Former Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (2009-2017)

Charles (Charlie) Bolden's personal experiences as a United States Marine, Astronaut, and NASA Administrator give him a unique perspective on what it takes to lead in the complex environment of today and well into the future.


Chairman and President - CFBG

Colonel (Ret) - USMC

A Positive Disrupter and burgeoning technologist with extensive experience integrating new and emerging technology at all levels, Ché leverages a quarter century of experience as a multifaceted leader and complex problem solver to address your emerging opportunities and challenges.


Director and EVP, Health Initiatives - CFBG

Medical Director - Cultura Plastic Surgery; Asst Professor - Department of Surgery, Howard University College of Medicine; Attending Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at Howard University Hospital

Surgeon. Innovator. Educator. Advocate. Double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Bolden has devoted much of her career to providing advanced surgical techniques in underserved and underrepresented communities both domestically and internationally.


Director MIT Media Lab; Former Deputy Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (2015-2017)

Her leadership and research in multidisciplinary aerospace biomedical engineering investigates human performance across the spectrum of gravity, including space suits, life support and astronaut performance. Dava is passionate about space, leadership, and climate change.


Straddling the worlds of national defense, automotive manufacturing, and health and nutrition, Leo has acquired a wealth of diverse knowledge and experiences that are, at once, deep and broad. He treasures diversity, equity and inclusion as too-often undervalued weapons to create, build and sustain powerful organizations.


J. Veronica Biggins directs Diversified Search Group’s Board Practice and Atlanta office operations. Before embarking on her storied career in the executive search industry, Biggins served as Assistant to the President and Director of Presidential Personnel under William Jefferson Clinton. Biggins 20-year career in the banking industry culminated as EVP HR and one of its highest-ranking women.

Kathy Sullivan

US Astronaut (Ret); Former Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere and NOAA Administrator (2014-2017)

Kathryn (Kathy) Sullivan shattered stereotypes and broke through countless barriers on her way to becoming the first American woman to walk in space, the first woman to dive to the Challenger Deep and, according to Guinness World Records, the most vertical person in the world.


Described by the Wall Street Journal as the “premier futurist in the national security environment,” P. W. Singer is an award-winning, best-selling author on technology and security trends, ranging from cybersecurity to AI. He is also a pioneer of “Useful Fiction,” the meld of narrative and nonfiction as a new tool of more effective prediction, analysis, and communication.


During her 30+ year career, including 20 years with NASA, Joan has always taken the roads less traveled. Working with Fortune 500 companies in the aerospace, oil and gas and retail sectors, she has traversed the spectrum from rocket scientist to astronaut to corporate social responsibility executive. Joan challenges her audiences to push beyond perceived boundaries to realize the sky is no longer the limit.


Chasing her passions, Lindsay’s eclectic career as an attorney and leader in the Marine Corps, the federal government, think tanks, a private law firm and the non-profit sector have taught her that wonderful kind talented people are everywhere, and that motivation makes magic.


With experience in virtually every facet of aviation and space as a Navy Fighter Pilot and Test Pilot, as well as a Space Shuttle Commander, “Hoot” Gibson can discuss the highlights as well as the triumphs and tragedies of aviation and the lessons they teach us about safety, leadership, and teamwork.


Drawing upon over twenty years of experience in driving innovation from within established organizations, Cara LaPointe is a futurist who works at the intersection of leadership, technology, ethics, and policy. Cara also strives to inspire future generations to become technologists and leaders in a dynamic world.


Drawing upon decades of experience working with Senior Leadership Teams, Jeri specializes in helping senior leaders define their ideal organization culture and committing to making that culture a reality for the benefit of their employees, their customers, and their brand.


With experiences as a strategic planner spanning 20 years, Jim has deep expertise leading cross-functional teams in the defense, aviation, and special operations communities. His ability to solve complex challenges in dynamic and uncertain environments, make Jim a tried and true strategic savant.


Approachable and participative, Kenzie is known for orchestrating people and processes to transform cultures and generate high performance. She has established herself as a results-driven leader, accomplished in talent attraction and development, operational team management, and enhancing the customer experience in diverse nonprofit, startup, and corporate environments.


Through leadership insights from his commercial and NASA experiences, Geoff Yoder challenges audiences to live each day with a sense of purpose, spirit of adventure, and capacity for growth drawing on the inherent human spirit of adventure.


Widely recognized in the business and venture capital worlds, Jere currently leads one of America’s fastest-growing companies. His insight and advice have guided decisions within the Executive Offices of two US Presidents, as well as high-performing government agencies. A Forbes “Top Mind in Technology,” Jere uses his vision and leadership to challenge organizations to think differently.


Harnessing the experience and lessons from 31 years in the Marine Corps and 22 years in business, Dave has been helping leaders see possibilities, distinguish opportunity and overcome challenges.


Leveraging more than two decades as a combat-proven Officer of Marines and TOPGUN Naval Aviator, Richard (Rich) Allain helps partners lower the barriers to collaboration, rigorously combine diverse viewpoints, and inspire a bias for action to create and seize opportunity in the most uncertain and challenging of circumstances.


Kim Cayce is one of the world’s leading experts on women's entrepreneurship. As a serial entrepreneur and angel investor, she has been on both sides of the table. Kim has pitched her companies to investors from all corners of the globe, including the Sharks from ABC Television’s hit show “Shark Tank.”

LtCol Scott Cooper

In a career that saw many overseas and operational military deployments, including command, Scott Cooper transitioned to a role of providing “connective tissue” between civil society and the national security communities.


Robert “Butch” Bracknell is a career national security lawyer, focused on emerging technology, public/private sector transactions, compliance, international law, and legal/regulatory problem solving. A graduate of UNC Chapel Hill (BA), the University of Maryland School of Law (JD), Harvard Law School (LLM) and the University of Oxford (MSc expected 2021), ...


Renee Wynn was the NASA Chief Information Officer from 2015 to 2020. Wynn joined NASA as the Deputy Chief Information Officer after a successful stint at the Environmental Protection Agency where she had served as the Acting Assistant Administrator for the Office of Environmental Information since July 2013.