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All Charles F. Bolden Group efforts are rooted in the Public Benefit. We create partnerships to advance diversity, equity, inclusivity, and sustainability to maximize their impact.

Services Include:

Leadership for a Sustainable Future

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Leadership Decision Making

STEM+AD Education

Equitable and Inclusive Health Initiatives to Address Health Disparities



The Charles F. Bolden Group partners with private industry, organizations of all sizes and academic institutions to help develop established and emerging leaders and leadership teams. Whether intimate one-on-one support, via custom programs developed by our members, or as adjuncts within existing organizations or academia, our goal is to impart “experienced gained” to enhance the craft of leadership.

Services Include:

Strategic Advisement

Shadowing, Coaching and Mentoring

Course and Syllabus Development

Board Augmentation



The global landscape is constantly evolving, with innovative discoveries accelerating the complexity of a connected world. Members of The Charles F. Bolden Group have extensive experience leading complex organizations through myriad changes and embrace the opportunity to share and apply our expertise to solve “Wicked Problems.”

Services Include:

Case Studies

Operational Analysis

Tiger Teams

Useful Fiction

Brokerage and Strengthening of Relationships



Effective leadership is not innate or natural. It’s born of followership and cultivated through exposure and experience. Our members started as followers, learning from others and emulating the traits of those who paved the path as servant-leaders. The Charles F. Bolden Group consists of proven exemplars of leadership ready to impart our experiences, expertise, and insight as you chart your leadership path.

Services Include:

Keynote Address

Public Speaking

Panel Participation

Advisory Seats


In planning and policy, a wicked problem is a problem that is difficult or impossible to solve because of incomplete, contradictory, and changing requirements that are often difficult to recognize. It refers to an idea or problem that cannot be fixed, where there is no single solution to the problem; and "wicked" denotes resistance to resolution, rather than evil. Another definition is "a problem whose social complexity means that it has no determinable stopping point". Moreover, because of complex interdependencies, the effort to solve one aspect of a wicked problem may reveal or create other problems.

First, it packages new information within the oldest, and most effective, technology of communication. The use of narrative dates back to humans’ earliest days around a fire in a cave (while Powerpoint is only 30 years old), so it is not surprising that our brains are literally wired to take in story. Studies from fields extending from cognitive science and psychology to national security research finding that such “synthetic experiences” are actually even more powerful influencers than even the most “canonical academic sources” on not just public understanding but policymaker actions.

It is particularly useful for complex or new concepts. Understanding a new trend or technology is tough enough. It is all the more difficult when it is something that the targeted audience has no deep background or current frame of reference for it. In such situations, we can be aided by guides in a sense, imagined characters who can lead us into simulated versions of our world. We can then “experience” what the research is actually telling us, as well as “feel” out its effects.