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Charles F. Bolden Jr.

Charles F. Bolden Jr.

National Security, Space/Aerospace, STEM+AD

The prototype of a Servant-Leader, Charles (Charlie) Bolden brings singular leadership expertise born of a lifetime of service. His personal experiences as a United States Marine, Astronaut, and NASA Administrator give him a unique perspective on what it takes to lead in the complex environment of today and well into the future. He uses personal anecdotes and leadership insights that testify to the ability of the human spirit to overcome adversity and set new expectations for the future, and challenges everyone around him to consider what we can accomplish when we dream big together.

EXPERTISE IN: Leadership, Inspiring Lives, Teamwork, Motivation, Overcoming Obstacles and Challenges.

AUDIENCE & INDUSTRY: The Technology Industry, Associations, Corporations, Board Meetings and Executive Briefings, Colleges and Universities


. 12th Administrator of NASA (2009 – 2017)