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HON. Dava J. Newman, Ph.D.

HON. Dava J. Newman, Ph.D.

Space / Aerospace, Natl. Security, STEM+AD, Health Initiatives

Her leadership and research in multidisciplinary aerospace biomedical engineering investigates human performance across the spectrum of gravity, including space suits, life support and astronaut performance. Dava is passionate about space, leadership, and climate change. Her latest research includes Earth Speaks™ – an open source platform of curated space data that applies AI, natural language and supercomputer visualizations to help accelerate actions to help regenerate Earth’s oceans, land and climate.

EXPERTISE IN: Leadership, Space Suits, Bioastronautics, AI for Climate Research

AUDIENCE & INDUSTRY: Colleges and Universities, Space Corporations, Young Woman and Girls, Keynotes and Conferences

. MIT Apollo Program Professor of Astronautics
. Former NASA Deputy Administrator