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Leo V. Williams III

Leo V. Williams III

Natl. Security, Health Initiatives

Straddling the worlds of national defense, automotive manufacturing, and health and nutrition, Leo has acquired a wealth of diverse knowledge and experiences that are, at once, deep and broad. He treasures diversity, equity and inclusion as too-often undervalued weapons to create, build and sustain powerful organizations. Leo leans on his knowledge and experience to empower organizations to elevate their performance.

EXPERTISE IN: Leadership / Ethics / Productivity, Brand Management, Diversity / Equity / Inclusion, Health and Nutrition, Team Building, Business / Individual Coaching, Boardroom Development

AUDIENCE & INDUSTRY: Automotive and Other Manufacturing, National Defense, Marketing, Health and Nutrition, Educational Institutions, Non-Profits



. US Marine Corps Major General (Ret)

. Former CEO / Chairman – Medifast Optavia Inc.